Join Tree Guardians in its mission…

Our mission is to promote healthy trees.; to protect all trees, to guard our ancient trees and forests. To be an advocate for protection and maintenance of trees is to be an advocate for human life. The two are so intertwined there is no separating them. Healthy trees equal healthy humans.

If you care about life on this planet, please include the care of trees.

How can you help? 

Tree Guardians™ education programs are provided to schools, camps and community groups. How can you be part of the message?

Support our GoFundMe campaign! You can help us print books, coloring books and other curriculum that is provided for these programs and events! 


Summer Family Fun

Tree Guardians™ is dedicated to preserving mature trees by getting cities villages, park districts and other public entities to appropriate funding for plant health care maintenance. Additionally, we believe in educating various publics to understand that mature trees cannot be easily replaced. The growth time can never be replicated, and therefor stricter ordinances need to be enacted to control the removal of mature trees.  Mature trees need guardians to protect their standing as an ecological gem.

We believe that trees, even those on private property,                                                 should be treated as public resources.

If a mature tree dies or is removed we can never replace the time it took to grow it!  Ask YOUR city or village to protect their mature trees. Save and protect mature trees! Let’s make it harder for removal of healthy mature trees.

PROTECT OUR TREE CANOPY by encouraging planting of endangered and threatened trees of which there are many in Illinois.  Work with landscapers and other companies that plant trees to see that proper planting and mulching practices are used so that trees have the best chance to live as long as nature intended.

Encourage the writing of songs, poems and stories about trees to teach children and adults alike of the importance of trees to all life on Earth.  Encourage the designing and exchanging of Arbor Day cards by adults and children alike.

This video is made in Alabama but it applies everywhere. Please watch and share!